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The permanent exposition tour

Opening hall. Historical and cultural heritage of Belarus (models of architectural monuments built or reconstructed during the country's independence). Coat-armours of Belarusian cities. Country statistics. The main exposition. 1st hall. The state structure of Belarus. Formation of modern...

Permanent exposition

The museum's permanent exposition covers the period of modern history of the Republic of Belarus from 1990 to the present day. The exposition is dedicated to the achievements of our country in different fields: socio-economic, cultural, sports, scientific and other. Particular attention in the...

Museum collection

The archives of Museum of Contemporary Belarusian Statehood count about 4,000 items, 800 of which are represented in five halls. The hardware part is complemented by information products with the help of modern multimedia technologies. There are 1609 texts, 674 films, 258 of which have narrative...