National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Museum lectures

"Belarusian animation"

The field lecture "Belarusian animation" aims to acquaint students with the origins and modern state of the Belarusian animation. During the lecture, attention is paid to the story about the first multiplier in the world - Émile Reynaud, and also contemporary Belarusian animators-animators. During the lecture, textual information is accompanied by the display of cartoon segments produced by the studio "Belarusfilm". This lecture is designed for students of junior and high school (up to grade 6).

"History of Sweets"

Field lecture "History of Sweets" tells students about the history of the world's sweets. The adventure to the world of sweets begins with Ancient Egypt, then children learn about the appearance of oriental sweets, their varieties, features. In parallel, there is a story about Belarusian producers, on the example of the "Krasny Pishiverik", "Kommunarka" factories. During the lecture, there are videos of the process of making caramel and other sweets. This lecture is designed for pupils of junior and high school (up to 5th grade).

"The origins of the national Belarusian ornament and symbols"

The current period of the history of Belarus is characterized by a revival of interest in ornament and national symbols. This lecture is designed to tell about the distinctive features of the Belarusian ornament, the symbolism of concrete figures and patterns (symbols of love, symbols of the Sun, symbols of the Earth, symbols of fertility). The lecture integrates video fragments about the use of ornament in embroidery, the history of the national costume. The theme of the modern use of traditional symbols is reflected: in photography, in the fashion industry. This lecture is designed for the audience of high school students (from 8th grade).

"Belarus is the most beautiful country"

The lecture is a journey through the territory of our country, a virtual story about individual cities, places of interest, other landmarks that have left a mark on the history, culture and life of our Belarus. Examples: the oldest city in Belarus, the youngest city, the largest lake, etc. The lecture is suitable for pupils of 5th-8th grades.

"Secrets of the Belarusian hut"

The lecture tells about the lifestyle of our ancestors. Students learn about the decoration of the house, about the rules and rituals associated with the construction of the house, get acquainted with the inhabitants - the spirits of the House, for example, with the Housekeeper. The lecture can be read in 2 languages: Belarusian and Russian. Designed for pupils of junior school.

To conduct museum lessons, it is necessary to ensure the availability of a school hall with the appropriate equipment (projector, sound equipment with microphone, computer). The cost of a ticket for schoolchildren is 2 rubles. Without payment: teachers, children with disabilities.

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