National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

The permanent exposition tour

Opening hall. Historical and cultural heritage of Belarus (models of architectural monuments built or reconstructed during the country's independence). Coat-armours of Belarusian cities. Country statistics.

The main exposition. 1st hall. The state structure of Belarus. Formation of modern Belarusian statehood in documents and video materials. Presidential symbols. The standards of the state emblem, hymn and flag. Heroes of Belarus and state awards. Banknotes and coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. National security of the country.

2nd hall. Socio-economic development of Belarus. Activities of the National Academy of Sciences. Chemical and petrochemical industry. Mechanical engineering. Major achievements in agriculture. The newest developments in medicine.

3d hall. Culture and sport at the present stage (awards of cultural and arts figures, models of cultural and sports facilities, Olympic awards of Belarusian athletes).

4th Hall. Сommunal relations in Belarus. State of the nation in the international field (in documents and materials). Presents to the President from foreign delegations.

5th Hall. Conference hall (intended for negotiations of foreign delegations, temporary exhibitions, interactive and patriotic events).

Each excursion uses a differentiated approach depending on the composition of the group of visitors.

If there is a temporary exhibition, the tour also includes its overview.